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What our clients say......

“Dear Monique Therese,

To accept a commission to design and craft a piece of personal jewellery requires a huge commitment from the artist. At all times as we worked together you showed me the greatest respect, you encouraged me to contribute my ideas, you gently coached me through some possible alternatives, you listened so carefully and we laughed a lot! You gave me far more than the most beautiful ring I have ever seen; you also gave me part of yourself as well. I cannot thank you enough. The first sighting of the ring you so beautifully crafted for me reduced me to tears. You have truly designed and crafted a stunning family heirloom for me and the generations of women that will follow me. You are a very talented and gifted young woman and it has been an absolute privilege working with you. My very warmest wishes and heartfelt thanks, Nicky Dowling.”

 Dear Monique,

Thankyou so much for the massive effort you put into getting my engagement ring done in such a short amount of time. You clearly have some serious talentin not only creating amazing jewellery pieces but also in time management. I am constantly getting commentson my ring.

Thanks Again, Brya and Chris.


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