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Gold for good....

Giving back...

What is it about?

 Gold for good was designed to give back and help the wider comunnity by using donated scrap gold we then refine and melt down to create a stuuning piece of jewellery that is then auctioned off and all proceeds are donated to that years chosen charity. As there are so many amazing charities, all doing incredible work in our communities I could not bring myself to pick just one. Instead I decided to start a charitable trust in which there are a panel of respected business men and women that together choose a different charity in need of a boost. 

How does it work?

Gold for good was the brain child of Monique Therese. Realising that it is not always an option for people to donate money to a cause even though they would like to, many times there may be some scrap gold floating around that is not enough to cash in or do anything with, but if accumulated could then be used to make something beautiful and valuable. The idea is that even if its just an old broken earring or earring back, it will all help go to a worthy cause.

  Each gold donation (large or small) and the name of the doner (if they wish) will be recorded and presented on a certificate to the charity recieving that years donation so everyone that has played their part in that years piece of jewellery will be recognised.







How can I support or donate some gold?

Whether you wish to donate some gold, old jewellery or cash towards this years gold for good recipient your generousity will be well recieved and appreciated. To donate just contact one of our team at Monique Therese Jewellers and we will guide you through the donation process on our contact page and drop us a line for more details. 



With so many deserving charities and people in need we hope we can make can make difference by paying it forward and doing our part to make the world a nicer place.








"every little bits helps"

Monique Therese
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